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Desc:We are mortal enemies but to survive we must become allies! Homoerotic, pedophilic, allies!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Transformers, dub, NAMBLA with robots, cliche, stupid ninja consultant tricks
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Comment count is 15
I get this feeling like I've known you for a long time, it's really incredible, isn't it LITTLE BOY.
Caminante Nocturno
Oh. well, I guess that answers my question. A bit.
Innocent Bystander
"What a joke this is hahaahahahaha."
"What's so funny?"
"Oh I dunno."

So this wasn't meant to be a comedy?
Mayberry Pancakes
"You want to destroy this planet?"

This sounds like neither of the actors speak any English whatsoever and are just pronouncing scripts written phonetically.

why does that robot sound like hannibal lectur?
They must work together, for neither of them can survive alone! The little boy needs the robot to protect him, and the robot needs the little boy to say creepy-as-fuck things to.
One good thing about becoming a ninja consultant is that you develop really good people skills.

p.s.: his laugh is probably the best thing in the world, followed closely by the note of genuine confusion when he says "oh, I dunno."
A Jumping Spider!
"It's really incredible, isn't it... Little boy..."

Danny is being groomed.
You guys seem to be missing the most confusing part: how is one robot hampered by a maiden-voiced little boy going to destroy a PLANET?

Also: Rainbow shield?
Billy Buttsex

I'll bet that robot transforms into a big white unmarked van

5 stars!
I'm still waiting for one clip, just ONE CLIP from this show that is sort of competent.
He sounds like Yahtzee.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Once again, as hilariously creepy as this video is, even when you try to put it in the context of a kids cartoon from the 80s, all my stars go to the comments.

A big white unmarked van Decepticon had me in stitches. I think I ruptured my spleen.
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