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Desc:Funny excerpt from Portal.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:awesome, portal, short and sweet, GlaDOS, No way
Submitted:Thatcher Pennywhistle
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Comment count is 18
don piano - 2007-10-24
I'd like to take this opportunity to ask why you guys are so dead fucking set on "Still Alive" not being allowed through the hopper.
Stog - 2007-10-24
Because it is the ending song


don piano - 2007-10-24
So don't watch it if you haven't finished the game yet?

Is this everyone else's reason too or just you? Because it is a dumb reason. (I was expecting a dumb reason so it's not like this is a surprise.)

Cube - 2007-10-24
I just don't think the song's anything special. I guess you have to play the game to get it.

StanleyPain - 2007-10-24
Because it already made it to the front page like 2 days after the Orange Box release, at which point it was removed and apparently who ever keeps spamming the hopper with it doesn't get the point.

dancingshadow - 2007-10-24
Best Credits song and very satisfying ending. Such a great game.

Having said that, I agree with not posting it.At least not without huge all caps warnings not to watch it if you ever plan on playing the game.

Xiphias - 2007-10-24
hey thatcher it's commas not semicolons between tags
Merzbau - 2007-10-24
And you were like NO WAY
Feyd - 2007-10-24
You will be baked, and there will be cake.
crote - 2007-10-24
This is one of the more giggle worthy moments in what was probably the most giggle worthy games I've ever played.
Afgh - 2007-10-24
Someone should post a video of Portal in its entirety! That would be fun.
Stog - 2007-10-24
You need 20ccs of dick STAT

Afgh - 2007-10-25
The thing is this: Portal is awesome. Every line in this game is funny. Are we going to post them all?

Udderdude - 2007-10-25
Are we going to post them all?



j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-07-14
Afgh, I'm going to find a Portal speed-run, and submit it, JUST FOR YOU!!!

FABIO2 - 2007-11-07
Holy shit, spoilers?
Camonk - 2007-11-07
Portal is better than Bioshock. There, I said it. Fuck you.
oogaBooga - 2008-07-08
Bioshock really wasnt that good. A few interesting weapons, but very shallow and story-deprived. I felt like the ENTIRE GAME was based on that one fucking piece of concept art of the diving suit guy carrying the girl. How they stretched it into an entire game is beyond me.

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