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Desc:It's creepy the way he winks his pupil instead of his eye.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Educational
Tags:smoking, PSAs, Sonic says
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Comment count is 17
Caminante Nocturno
Well, you're not supposed to swallow them. Who told you that you were supposed to?
Billy Buttsex
That is a cheap robot. A real robot wouldn't have choked eating one or fifty or a thousand cigarettes. A real robot eats what's given to it.
Nails are like candy to robots! And we'll eat tires instead of licorice!

No, it's creepy how he has ONE GIANT EYE with two independent pupils.

I love how the little tank-tread robot wheels forlornly offscreen at the end.
"Smoking's bad for you!"
"No it isn't."
Oh, okay.
Tails is a born follower.

Apparently Tails has nothing better to do than walk around all day telling people things are bad for them.
...and being killed mercilessly for the amusement of Ulillillia.

Jesus sonic, would you quit lecturing: That robot is clearly in need of medical attention!
No, it isn't! Robots don't have lungs to damage! Smoking can't be bad for your health when you're not even alive!

Tails is just being a prick here.

Did he just say "Smoking is for GoBots"?
No, smoking is for "dumbots," like everything fun.

Maggot Brain
Don't drink, Don't smoke. What do you do?
But he can gorge himself on chili dogs till he's wheelchair bound the fucking asshole.

Rhubarb Syndrome
Agreed. Those who really took Sonic to heart probably don't drink and smoke but he clearly forgot to warn about soda guzzling and poptart orgies.

What's funny about these PSA things is that they often revolve around something that isn't present in the cartoon anyway. Most kids probably didn't give a crap anyway, but then got all curious when they saw the cigarette or booze or whatever.
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