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Desc:Worf dislikes Geordi's music. Short and sweet week continues on.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:star trek, short and sweet, Worf
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Comment count is 23
This is poe's policy on music videos in a nutshell. Must they all be banished to 73Q? And what the hell kinda name is 73Q? It sounds like a lite FM station.

I'm off the podium now.
Five stars because this is the only good thing to come out of that terrible show. Also, because it SHOULD be the policy on music videos. Most of them are terrible and nobody cares.

Billy Buttsex
Syd Midnight
There was a golden moment earlier where a freshly costumed Worf, embarrassed to the point of Klingon tears, snarls "I am NOT a Merry Man!"

Is it just me or is short and sweet week turning into short and sweet fortnight? Also, I hated it when the holodeck was used as a portal into Ye Olde Englande or some stupid detective novel.
Hugo Gorilla
The holodeck was grossly squandered. Never once was there a time in the Next Generation series that the holodeck was even hinted at being the obvious and elaborate masturbation aid it was meant to be.

actually there was the episode where Gordi generates a replica of the creater of some gadget he has to fix and falls in love with it. in a later episode the actual woman comes to enterprise, they hit it off and then she discovers it and freaks out. this is probably a big problem in their society which they just never talk about.

Yeah also there was that idiot nebbish add-on character who had a holodeck addiction where he basically had Troi as a thinly veiled sex slave feeding him grapes or some shit.

"Howling Mad" Murdock can never be an idiot in my book.
And at one point, Troi was kinda hot.

Syd Midnight
Maybe Short and Sweet or SS should be a new tag, for good 10 second zingers like this one.

Actually you're wrong. There's that one with Famke Janssen as the concubine who is conditioned to change personality to suit the man she's currently with. Riker (of course) walks her to her room and all the while she comes on to him. After she leaves he calls the bridge to inform them that in his hot and bothered state he's going to the holodeck. To jack it. No doubt.

Dinkin Flicka
To Hurf and all of you, Quark literally has masturbation fantasy holodeck programs throughout DS9 - seriously.

They specifically had an episode on Voyager about them using the holodeck as a masturbatory tool. A Vulcan was going insane because of a species induced mating dealie, and because he couldn't fuck the Klingon, he was somehow killing himself. So as a way of killing steam, Starfleet's finest engineered a Vulcan porn program.

I guess it wasn't good enough, so the Vulcan and the Klingon tried to kill each other - which was good enough, apparently.

That's just about the only thing I've ever found entertaining about Star Trek.

Billy Buttsex
Billie? My long lost son?

Rodents of Unusual Size
To think that the two of you were reunited over a discussion on Vulcan porn. *sniff*

Caminante Nocturno
Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as high...
Jimmy Labatt
Take aaa look, it's in aaa book, a reading rainb*SMASH*
And you don't have to take HIS word for it.
Four stars for the Stevie Wonder head bob.
Worf is not recognized enough for his politeness.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Yes, he is extremely tactful, isn't he.

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