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Desc:Shadow Hearts: Covenant is an...interesting game.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:pussy, Shadow Hearts
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I started on my roommate's copy last night and just had to post this. It has issues, not least of which being the truly ridiculous number of unique mechanics for every single fucking thing your characters can do, but it's a blast nonetheless.

Two things: you don't really need to have played the first game, which is nice since it fetches triple-digit prices on eBay now, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIND AN FAQ AND STICK WITH IT. There are quite a few dungeons that nearly ruin the game with repetitive mazes full of random encounters; a good FAQ will see you through with a minimum of fuss.

As flamingly gay as this sounds, it is worth playing the original first just for the additional emotional impact it adds to the second's story. Covenant is the only sequel I know of that follows the sad ending of the previous game, and it works.

Billy Buttsex
Hey-- you're totally right! That DOES sound gay!

5 stars for the Pussy Master with the gigantic pixel booty

That Pussy Master winds up helping your party with her aromatherapy, then she marries Lawrence of Arabia! God, I love this game.

I'm going to have to slip on my assless leather chaps and second Revdrew's suggestion. If you can somehow find an inexpensive copy of SH1, it's worth it, since the entire plot of Covenent hinges on the what happens at the end of the first game. If not, there are plot summaries available online.

I have no idea what the hell this shit is but it looks hilarious.
She is the Evil Controller of Cats
A Jumping Spider!
"This is where you all die!"

Cats are treacherous.
does anyone else know that this series was a spin off of psx rpg koudelka, which was a 100% serious, dark themes rpg with excellent script about a witch, a Vatican priest and a thief stuck in an abbey in Wales. it's really odd that a game so serious spawned a series so unapologetically humorous.
Every JRPG ever made sucks balls. I just hope they all have sequences this stupid hilarious in them
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