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Desc:<3 <3 <3
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:Furries, cute, erotic, awww, CATegory
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Comment count is 25
that's a dude
gayest video on poetv
5 stars
Clearly this pet has already been 'fixed' at its local vet.
I think this person is making fun of Magibon, that stupid Wapanese chick who used to mug for her webcam and do all that stupid silent talk/cat talk bullshit and other things that anime fans think are the entire contents of Japanese culture. She was on POETV a few times.
In 2008 she moved to Japan because she actually managed to achieve some sort of weird e-fame there and, as a result, was put into some model photo magazines ultimately culminating in a photo shoot with the Japanese version of Playboy.

Hey Stanley, fuck you buddy! I'd forgotten all about Magibon and got all excited at your information, rushing out to Encyclopedia Dramatica (the one site guaranteed to have nude pics of e-celebs) only to discover that she's not as hot as her videos suggested!! WHY MY DREAMS RUINED NOOO??

Well, what's extra creepy/disturbing about the Magibon saga is that she seemed unable to realize that the magazines were essentially treating her like a curiosity (STUPID POCKY EATING GAIJIN WHO THINKS SHE'S JAPANESE, CHECK IT OUT!) and basically making fun of her in a very subtle, polite way.

Eh, you take what you can get in this world. Maybe she can make enough to pay for dentistry... not in Japan, they have horrible teeth. But, somewhere.

Spastic Avenger
oh god, it's Japanese me pretending to be a cat. I am actually shaking like a leaf.
Caminante Nocturno
I'd hit it, but I'd have to act real angry during the act to cover up the awkwardness.
Louis Armstrong
Not cartoonish enough for you Caminante?

Caminante Nocturno
Hey, maybe I want to be the tsundere for a change!

This is a girl. I think.
Doctor Arcane
It's a girl, and its a joke you guys don't get.
Futurebot wants to fuck this cat.
You have it all wrong people. This is a cat cosplaying a human.
Best "spay and neuter" message I've ever seen...

...for humans.

Futurebot is slowly becoming to cats what Caminante is to anime.
Timothy A. Bear
Damn it, stop staring at me while I eat.
Cat does nothing.
lost on me
So one star it.

for the brainless entertainment value

Mike Tyson?!
No comments, just stars.
Syd Midnight
I'd have sex with him
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