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Desc:It doesn't make a lick of sense, but Peter Davison's still got it.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Doctor Who, tardis, Peter Davison, david tennant, children in need
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Ok... that was cut out of the US version (on SciFi) or what?

I like that the tardis has desktop themes.
Nah, that's a Children In Need mini-episode. Over in the U.K. they have a children's benefit telethon called - you got it, Children In Need - and they have all sorts of special stuff and whatnot. This is a "mini episode" of Doctor Who done specifically for the Children In Need event. Last year the Who peoples put on a concert of Murray Gold's music for the show, and the year before that they did another of these mini-episodes that sorta explained why the newly regenerated Doc was wonky and sent the TARDIS crashing toward earth.

Nice to see Peter Davison, though he sure as hell looks out of place with all that new Who stuff. Nice homage to his era at the end.

There have been some really terrible Doctor Who Children in Need specials in the past, including one that teamed all the Doctors up until that point (I believe it went up to Colin Baker) with the cast of Eastenders. If it's not submitted already, I'll add it, but it's probably the worst thing to have ever come out of Doctor Who.

This, fortunately, is a hell of a lot better. I'm dorky enough to have gotten a bit weepy when David Tennant told the Fifth Doctor how much it meant to have been him.

You're thinking of Dimensions in Time, and it actually went up to Sylvester McCoy. It was AWFUL. Even as a one-off, silly, kids show thing it was horrible. This is much better. Nice, short, and sweet. Kind of like that silly "Jim'll Fix It" episode with Colin Baker.

His celery really stands out now.

I should probably watch these new episodes. I was just really turned off by the one episode where they are stuck in a church and his companion bumps into the young version of her long lost Dad/baby self (with the Doctor before this one).


This show is extremely campy, extremely idealistic, extremely fun and I love it for that. It's also generally well written. This show kept me warm at 3am on PBS when I was 13 and I will always like it even though it's for little kids.
Fantastic. Nice and simple.

I dig the Davison era soundtrack..
I love David Tennent. Fabulous bone structure.
Now if we could just get Steven Moffatt as head writer, I'd be all aflutter. Best writer on this series by a mile (Paul Cornell's done really well in his outings, too, but Moffat consistently kicks ass every single outing).
That was marvelous.
That was sweet and fun and a fluffy little bit of fanwankery.

(still like Pertwee the best, though.)
Tom Baker for me. Pertwee was pretty awesome, admittedly.

Rodents of Unusual Size
You were always my doctor...
"No, No beard this time... well... a wife"
Testicles of Doom
When I first saw the episode with David Tennant replacing Christopher Eccleston, I was unsure, but I've come to accept him.

Also, you could buy a Ford Escort that breaks down less than the TARDIS.
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