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Desc:Australian naval exercise, decommissioned frigate takes an impressive hit. For Namor.
Category:Military, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:mk-48, torpedo, destroyer, ka-BEEWWWMM
Submitted:Syd Midnight
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Comment count is 14
Syd Midnight
Now I can understand the people who said a mk-48 could probably own a battleship.
Is it a frigate, destroyer, or battleship? Make up your mind.
It's a pile of rubble now.

It used to be a frigate, the HMAS Torrens.

Also, saying you're most advanced submarine in the Australian Navy is probably like saying you're the best athlete at the Special Olympics.

Syd Midnight
It was a P_N thing. I ignorantly said that battleships weren't obsolete because they could take a few torpedo/missile hits, but an actual submariner assured me that a Mk48 is no WW2 torpedo, and is more than capable of doing the job.

The most advanced submarine in the Royal Australian Navy... So the only one? Hah hah! Or the only one without a screen door? BAM!

I'm sorry, Australia. You actually seem like a lovely country and I'm sure your military is quite puissant.
Wonko the Sane

If you look you can see her back get broke before the water even gets disturbed....
Actually it technically was the water that broke the ships back.

The torpedoe detonates underneath sending a pressure wave to rip the ship apart.

Caminante Nocturno
I don't want to see the military as an extension of my manhood, but they always make it so difficult not to.
Jimmy Labatt
Holy shit the torpedo made that ship look like one of those snap-together models
This is also why I don't believe it when people say aircraft carriers are still viable weapons in the missile age.
That's why they travel in a carrier group, surrounded by destroyers and things. You can't torpedo something if your submarine can't get near it.

Awesome, thanks Syd. Just as I described over on poe-news, the explosion forces the midships up, then it falls down into the area where water has been briefly pushed aside. For a rigid ship of this size, such a "backbreaker" is completely fatal, and the size of the vessel is no defense against a direct hit.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Hell of a nice kaplooey. We'll have to think twice about getting into a war with Australia...
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