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Desc:Why parents should ish their pants if their kid gets a mowhak
Category:News & Politics, Arts
Tags:Punk, news, parents, la
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Comment count is 12
Well moshing is a macabre dance of death

accurate prediction by Toronto scenesters in part 3

and freeze frame of a prebuscent boy singing crapilly

5 stars
The Toronto band is Bunchoffuckinggoofs, isn't it? They used to make their 'living' playing stereotypical punk rockers in B-movies.

Poor Roachbud -- he must have gone into a cold sweat when he learned that the runaway punk teenager was also into death metal...
I like Neurosis and Motorhead, but that about ends my interest in metal. Unless you count DRI, but then I haven't listened to them in 4 years.

You should listen to DRI more, actually. At least the Dirty Rotten LP and Dealin' With It. "I'd Rather Be Sleeping" is my theme song.

Caminante Nocturno
Oh, no! My values!
punker street gangs
concrete news papers

I've never heard anyone use the word punker before. I think its kinda cute.
Billy Buttsex
If you watch all the way to the end, you get to see some little kid sing in a punk band, which totally rules. 5 stars from me. Oh, and god bless that fat guy with the beard.
Syd Midnight
And 15 years later the scary news stories were about the Back in Control Center.
Ichigo Style
-I enjoy how they decide to stereotype us punks as a bunch of anarchist fucks.
Maybe theres a reason they don't like authority? Hmm..
I mean, I sure as hell hate cops, but thats because they stop people (and give tickets to :D) people for being black around philly.
5 stars, for making me laugh.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Why must you hate everyone with your graffiti? You Anglos have everything!

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