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Desc:To be fair, I think they could kick my ass too.
Category:Humor, Crime
Tags:feminism, robber, beaten, beauty school, I beat him with a stick
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Comment count is 16
Billy Buttsex - 2007-12-12
revdrew - 2007-12-12
The only thing that could make this better is if it happened on the steps of a church.
bang to buck ratio - 2007-12-12
This made my day so much brighter.
nubilus - 2007-12-12
30 midgets...30 children...30 speds...could have yielded the same result
halon - 2007-12-12
I don't think you understand beauty.

FatFatuousNation - 2007-12-12
he'd best go to beauty school

doc duodenum - 2007-12-13
They wouldn't keep pulling him back and beating him some more.

boner - 2007-12-13
30 Helens agree. Curling irons make a good weapon.

Camonk - 2007-12-13
30 midgets would have made for better footage, but the woman saying proudly, I beat him with a stick! and then the picture of the ragged, broken stick, really made this stand on its own.

Dinky Patterson - 2007-12-13
No "makeover" allusions in the news report?
Caminante Nocturno - 2007-12-13
Oh, those poor women.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2007-12-13
If only they had a camera inside, It would ahve been glorious.
zatojones - 2007-12-13
I was going to take a star off because of the lack of footage, but damn.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-12-13
Beauty, thy name is Diane Mitchell
theFlu - 2007-12-13
this is almost as vicious as those two crooks that got destroyed by the ex-marine jewelry store owner
Pie Boy - 2008-07-31
cut to: aforementioned stick
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