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Desc:It's an old Mr. Show bit. And a slothful child shall lead them.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Mr. Show, Lazy, hail satan
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Billy Buttsex
"Kevin? Kevin dear boy? KEVIN CAN YOU HEAR ME???"
"He can hear just fine."
"I'm sorry."
I want people to perform bestialities for me too
Aubrey McFate
The cartoon at the end -- so good.
It's actually this sketch that made for a perfect precursor to Season Four, where they're all saying "Yes! Now THIS is the show we wanted to make!" and I'm thinking "Really? Shitting in a box is what you were trying to acheive? Here I thought you were aiming for astute social satire. My bad."

Still, this sketch does have awesome wigs, and that ridiculous camera effect, so... three.
You really don't think the Burgundy Loaf skit was saying anything satirical about customer service and consumer culture?

So long, hatemonger!
Anything that has Bob Odenkirk yelling "GOD DAMMIT!" or trying to sing or sporting a horrible British accent=instant 5.

You are truly the mother of all whores
"Why are you in that wheelchair, what put you there?"
"Cause I don't want to stand up."

Just like the rest of those fucking ramp-monkey freeloading 'cripples.' I bet they'd be a whole lot less 'handicapped' if they'd just fucking stand up and walk around.
I agree 100%

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