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Desc:Surreally bad B-Movie
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:bad movies, tor johnson, Yucca Flats, Atomic Bombs, omni-present narrator
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Comment count is 6
sosage - 2008-01-15
Man on the moon...how'd he get there...no one knows.

Also: really should watch the MST3K version.
StanleyPain - 2008-01-15
Ahh yes, the cinema of Coleman Francis, whose name should easily be in the same ranks of people like Bert I Gordon and Ed Wood.
klingerbgoode - 2008-01-16
i think he only made about 3 movies, though.

potvin - 2008-01-17
No. Coleman Francis was an actor who made 3 extremely amateurish takes on genre films with independent financing. With the help of a decent editor (Tony Cardoza was a welder by trade but did the editing) and screenwriter, and some more directing experience, he probably would have made at least one average movie.

Ed Wood, on the other hand, could have had all the time, experience, and money in the world and would still make something worse than Battlefield Earth. And it would feature transvestites.

Blackbetta - 2008-01-20
Best part: The intro has NOTHING to do with the rest of the movie.
commandocucumber - 2008-10-09
"time for jim to make good use of his paratrooper skills."

jim has paratrooper skills? WHY WAS THIS NEVER EVER MENTIONED BEFORE???

"where are we?"
"in a cave i think..."

i'm amazed this movie got made. its un-fucking-believable
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