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Desc:My cousin's friend's girlfriend told me about this video where every urban legend is true...
Category:Short Films, Humor
Tags:urban legend, emergency room
Submitted:Jack Cooper
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Comment count is 13
Don't give them ICP! That's just sadistic!
"I am a DOCTOR, aren't I?"
the head doctor looks just like scotty houghtaling
So that's what happened to that chick in Cloverfield.
Innocent Bystander
So CollegeHumor can actually make videos that make you laugh? Well, I'll be.
Seconded. Sadly, I'm old and cranky enough that I'm unable to rate anything from that site higher than 3 stars because I find the domain name so obnoxiously condescending. "Hey there, middle class 18-24 year olds! Market reasearch indicates that stimuli in the form of slacker humor and smirking pop culture in-jokes will elicit a response known as 'amusement.' Go on, we both know you weren't going to study- that's, like, the exact opposite of what college life is all about!".

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going go fester in a rockng chair and complain about my back and music these days.

More concise and entertaining than Urban Legend the movie.
Sneeze seven times
College Humor is to The Onion as Family Guy is to the Simpsons.
The Simpsons and Family Guy are pretty much the same damn thing.

nice idea but boring
I hate to be that guy but... meh.
Wow, I was expecting it to suck, but it was actually pretty good.
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