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Desc:Laugh your disk drive off!
Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:Rapist, DOS, leisure suit larry, Im not sorry
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Comment count is 13
FABIO2 - 2008-02-25
If the Summer Nights gay song from Magna Cum Laude was done with EGA graphics and internal speaker bloops everyone would call it classic genius.
Cinnamon Imperialist - 2008-02-26
Welcome to every videogame ever made: "I played it as a kid, therefore it is a classic".

Adramelech - 2008-02-26
Maybe simplistic old school graphics and 2D art just tend to be more quaint and interesting than new quasi-realistic 3D games filled with dead doll eyes and shiny skin?

My seven year-old niece dislikes modern 3D games and animation, yet loves NES games and old Warner Bros. cartoons.

Regardless, calling a Larry game "classic" is a stretch.

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-02-26
Look at all of the blinking that Hot Tub Girl did.
kiint - 2008-02-26
i think shes batting her pixels in a come-hither manner

FISTFULLofSOUL - 2008-02-26
Nostalgia can be a very bad thing.
LetsFistAgain - 2008-02-26
Yeah i remember this. The girls looks like theyve been flayed.
Quad9Damage - 2008-02-26
I wasn't even aware they had 'trailers' for games back in those days. And is it really right to call your game 'groundbreaking' when you're basing it off a preexisting text adventure?

NoCode - 2008-02-26
Ahh, Leisure Suit Larry. My mom's boyfriend used to let me play this game when I was about nine years old.

I was also a fan of King's Quest, for the record.
Quad9Damage - 2008-02-26
I discovered Leisure Suit Larry when I was 13 and looking for porno games on the (then fairly new) internet. I remember copying a pirated LSL1 to a floppy and giving it to a classmate. He later told me that he threw the disk across the room after failing to get past the age check questions.

cognitivedissonance - 2008-02-26
I will also back up anything defending King's Quest. Unless you're talking about Cedric the Motherfucking Owl.

RomancingTrain - 2008-02-27
Other than KQV were there any games in the series where you could do something wrong in the beginning and screw yourself over later on? Because that is a lot worse than some annoying animal friend.

Quad9Damage - 2008-02-27
In LSL2, if you didn't pick up the suntan lotion (and maybe something else too) before boarding the ship, you'd be screwed later on. OOPS I SAVED.

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