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revdrew - 2008-03-04

No words can describe how much I love those ricochet noises.

Killer Joe - 2008-03-04

All infidels will suck it thusly.

Millard - 2008-03-04


egglab - 2008-03-04

i actually got a copy of this movie after seeing this clip, it is 2 hours and 46 minutes of near incomprehensible film making, interspersed with plenty of musical numbers and copious amounts of silly dancing. think turkish star wars meets dracula in istanbul, with an islamo-fascist twist.

joffe b - 2008-03-04

that'll learn him

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-03-05

pew pew plink pew pew woop pew pew

Wonko the Sane - 2008-03-05


Walliburton (1 week ago) Show Hide
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that is exactly what will happen to the fucking wanker. He deserves everything he'll get in hell. Son of a bastard cow fucking pig farmer....

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