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Desc:Light Graffiti in Paris.
Tags:Paris, light, art, graffiti
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Frank Rizzo
1 star for 5 starring your own submission ZOMG!
5 stars for 1 starring for 5 starring one's own submission



five stars for shut the fuck up frank. Terms of the art it's a little too Fashion Institutey for me.

Frank Rizzo
1 star for 5 starring your own submission PENIS!!!!
Five stars for sticking it to the MAN, who's trying to put my people DOWN!

Never rises above scribbles, which is sad, because there's potential to do interesting work with time lapse and light. Also, Marko the French Kalligraffikzer wears a jacket that lets you know he's Marko the French Kalligraffikzer
Rodents of Unusual Size
Internet hypnotizing me. Can't move.
OK, pardon the warhol-school question, BUT: how do you sell it? As videos? As installations? And come to think of it who buys installation work anyway?

Rich guys with lots of cocaine, whores, parties and chateaus.

Prodigy and stop motion while wearing munchkin shorts? That's 3dgy with a capital "3."
That was fun to watch
Cool idea, stupid implementation.
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