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Desc:arguably the best sam and max incarnation post-comic.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:the, Sam & Max, Road, hit, You crack me up little buddy
Submitted:Spastic Avenger
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Comment count is 11
I'm more of a Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion guy myself, but this game was still awesome.
indeed, this was the best, but as a happy subscriber to both seasons of the new games, i must say that the spirit is still alive.

also: 3d animation credit?
The game had some pre-rendered 3D animation to go with the 2D one.

Too bad nobody makes games like this anymore. Monkey Islands, Loom, Maniac Mansions, Zak McKraken, The Dig, Indiana Joneses... All different games, but still managed to maintain high quality in story and humor.

Yeah, I know. I sound like an old fart pining for the good old times.

Nice to hear the ear piercing FM synthesizer music the way I remember it.

I love the new series of games too.

El Zapatista
Those aren't the voices I imagined they'd have...
Wow, those voices are pretty awful. I remember laughing at these lines when I played the text version. The voices really kill it.
Mike Tyson?!
When I rebought the game to replace my floppy version, I always thought the CD versions were perfect.

Remember all those damned discs? The box was at least 10lbs.

Mike Tyson?!
Ahem, disks.

The Great Hippo
"Max, where should I put this so it doesn't hurt anyone we know or care about?"

"Out the window, Sam. There's nobody but strangers out there."
This was my introduction to Sam&Max. Max's voice doesn't sound right to me anywhere else now.
Man this game kicked ass.
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