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boner - 2008-03-31

Such a nutty game. Of course when you play it you can't see what's going on because you have to focus on those circles.

My favourite scene is the one where you can keep drinking beer until it makes you jump out the window and kill yourself.

Aelric - 2008-03-31

after school specials warned us about that!

Cinnamon Imperialist - 2008-03-31

One of my favorites is how, in the scene immediately following this high-flying gravity-defying kung-fu battle royale, you have to methodically tiptoe across a wooden plank suspended over a bottomless pit instead of just doing one of those Matrix super jumps.

Aelric - 2008-03-31

my favorite part is the DBZ sissy slap fight shown about half way through.

FABIO2 - 2008-04-01

My favorite part was how in this scene, out of fucking NOWHERE, it goes from supernatural murder mystery, to it suddenly being the ICE AGE and the entire northern hemisphere is being evacuated, you become zombified corpse Neo, SENTIENT AIs FROM THE 80s INTERNET show up, you get help from the underground hobo resistance group, who are able to get you a snow tractor which will transport you the 2000 miles from New York to the Western desert.

And then Carla fucks you (the corpse), after commenting on how your skin was like ice.

CornOnTheCabre - 2008-03-31

you get kicked through a billboard, success!

anvill - 2008-03-31

This game is a mess. Great for about the first half, though. Bonus stars for actually being able to see the fight now.

Aelric - 2008-03-31

this game, this fucking game. the first half was interesting, the branching stories made a good mechanic, but then it turns out that all roads lead to the mayan matrix. what could have been a decent cultist murder mystery turned into dogshit.

that said, it also turned into absolute comedy gold. with tits!

i just hope that "the origami killer" doesn't fling itself into left field like this did.

Cinnamon Imperialist - 2008-03-31

Well the good news is that Quantic Dream has said that Heavy Rain/Origami Killer won't have any supernatural elements.

citrusmirakel - 2008-03-31

There were some good mechanics and generally clever ideas going on at certain parts in this game.
This is not one of those parts.

AgentOrange - 2008-03-31

Good god, I'm glad I didn't make it this far. I quit as soon as you start fighting bugs.

RockBolt - 2008-03-31

I thought I hallucinated this

Killer Joe - 2008-04-01

So was that thing one long ass quicktime?

longwinded - 2008-04-01

the whole game is one long ass quicktime

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