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Desc:One of the few games in which the protagonist can fire a laser beam out his crotch
Category:Video Games
Tags:homoeroticism, video game, Hard Gay
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Acting is still hard, little girl.
Comment count is 10
his ass looks like two kittens fighting in a bag
So much potential. Pity about the graphics.
I'd actually buy a decent Hard Gay game and I've only bought one video game in my life.
What would be better is a WTF Japan game set up like Smash Bros and suh where you could choose from characters like Hard Gay, the Tarako kewpie dolls, Morning Masume, etc.
Caminante Nocturno
His hips are clearly trying to escape from his inferior, non-hip body parts.
That man has a serious medical issue with his crotch!
This is Graffiti Kingdom for the PS2, which lets you make your own characters with a simple 3D modeling tool. Here's the site of the artist who made the Hard Gay model and lots of other crazy shit:

http://garakudou.s43.xrea.com/ (Some NSFW stuff littered about)

I guess what I'm going at with all of this is that I once made a character that was a bald guy doing another bald guy from behind and when they moved they sort of coordinatedly galloped around like a horse with the pitcher doing the rear legs and the catcher doing the front legs.
Things we've learned about ponpoko, entry 1...

entry 2: a bald man balancing on his gargantuan penis and doing pirouette spin attacks on it
entry 3: like half of my characters had crotch laser beams or crotch flamethrowers

oh cool! http://garakudou.s43.xrea.com/gr01/rno07.html

The world needs an ED209 game more than it needs a Hard Gay game

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