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Desc:Ironically, the frog never has a chance to scream
Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:frog, scream
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Comment count is 9
StanleyPain - 2008-04-25
I think frog week might be getting out of hand.
Enjoy - 2008-04-25
ProTip: Frogs are the last creature on earth you want to eat live. They are rife with parasites and worms and this foolish bastard is probably quite sick right now.
zatojones - 2008-04-25
takewithfood - 2008-04-25
I logged in just to 1-star this.
bac - 2008-04-25
can we remove videos? I mean...fuck.
biclops - 2008-04-25
Oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man
Fur is Murder - 2008-04-25
why would you post something like this
SpookyElectric - 2008-04-27
my neckbeard submission got removed from the frontpage, but not this?
oogaBooga - 2008-09-04
5 stars for evil.

Personally I would punch him in the dick for this, but this does qualify as evil.
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