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Desc:An otter juggles some stones while germans assault your ears with their awful, awful language.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:juggling, otter, Rocks, better animals, bad languages make bad people
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Comment count is 13
While Otter #1 distracts the foreigners, Otters #2 and #3 surreptitiously relieve them of their wallets.
Poorest excuse for juggling evar.
wtf japan
-2 for teutophobia.
Say hello to the kaiser for me, Hans.

Plus 2 for Helvetophobia. They are speaking Schweizerdeutsch, better known as Scheizerdeutsch, which is like a retarded half-cousin of Hochdeutsch. See how the otter easily amazes the Swiss with his faux- juggling? That is all you need to know about Switzerland.

You seem to know and care a whole lot about German and its varieties there, Frans. Just watch yourself. We're onto you.

wtf japan
Shweizerdeutsch IS Hochdeutsch. It doesn't get any höher than the Alps. I hope you're not referring to that disgusting Saxon linguistic mutilation properly known as Standarddeutsch. Of course, even this is purer than ENGLISH which is the French-contaminated result of the intellectual and genetic stagnation of a group of marooned German peasants.

So all of you English-speaking anti-teutons better shut the fuck up, or tomorrow we come back and cut off your chonson!

English seems to be a good language for conquering the world and whipping Germany with, fritz.

+5 for my own comment.

King of Balls
I thought it was silly that we're still frightened by and resentful of Germans until I recently saw a photography exhibit on bouncers in Germany (really). They were very scary.

Midnight Man
Five stars for this somehow coming around to bouncers

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Germans and power will still be a scary blend for a long time.

wtf japan
For the time being...

why do people be all talking german and then be like "Aw, shit." what's up with that.
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