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Desc:He wanted to do hoodrat shit with his friends
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:grand theft auto, black people, latarian, hoodrat stuff
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Frank Rizzo
ignorant nagger
Frank Rizzo
"juh a lil bit a no vido gae.... for a who weekeh"

Would you stop saying nagger and just say nigger already?

Frank Rizzo
you're racist, thats sad. Dont be a sad racist.

He's the victim of an tyrannical, racist, oppressive society. Its not his fault he's this way.


A black man once rubbed his penis in Frank's mouth.
It's not his fault he's a dick.

They want to get him into the system so they won't have to fill in quite as much paperwork when he comes back for a long stay.
Ha! Ha! Recidivism.
Five stars for this comment alone.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Expecting an irate Bill O'Reilly response any day now...
Jeff Fries
Head bowed, hands folded behind back, chin pressed against gut, he's sorry can his mom help
j lzrd / swift idiot
In the back of my mind, I suddenly heard the opening bars of Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love Of All" start to play.

Man, this kid has a bright future.
Wow. Maybe if this kid was used to stricter punishments than "no video games for a weekend," we wouldn't fucking be here, would we?
I'd venture to say that the fact that he mentions his grandmother, mother, but not father is sort of the root of his problem.

No shit, a stern talk from a police officer and no video games for one weekend, I am sure he's learned his lesson

Midnight Man
Yeah, women are too weak to raise children

These two are sure doing a fine job

Yeah, having a father would make him perfect! If only...

What is a Latarian?
Mike Tyson?!
Grandchild of a ZIKKITA.

I'm pretty sure they were both Mortal Combat characters

Sudan no1
He said "hoodrat stuff," don't put swears into an innocent child's mouff
Pie Boy
Riley Freeman?
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