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Desc:Seth Green tells you how expensive eating fast food can be
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:90s, seth green, cha-ching, snapps, Elliot Ness
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Comment count is 10
snothouse - 2008-05-13
1. They are called "Rally's" in the North.
2. I never realized that was Seth Green. (SOUND OF ALL THE PIECES FALLING INTO PLACE)
chumbucket - 2008-05-14
1. Yeah the "Snapps" ending really threw my memory off. This was clearly Rallys
2. Same here...no clue that was Seth until just this moment. I wanted to kill him just as badly then as I do today.

bopeton - 2008-05-14
StanleyPain - 2008-05-14
Missing Elliot Ness tag.
positively - 2008-05-14
RomancingTrain - 2008-05-14
Fuck Joker, I want to know what Elliot Ness was up to in the '80s.
kingarthur - 2008-05-14
What the fuck is a Snapps? We have Rallys in New Orleans, but outside of there they call 'em Checkers. Checkers also seem to be greasier.
benchmark - 2008-05-14
From a quick Google search, Snapps was a local/regional fast food joint in Ohio. They were bought out by Checkers, and all Snapps locations became Rally's.

There are a few Rally's versions of this commercial on Youtube. I guess the company liked Seth Green's little gig enough to put their own name on it.

chumbucket - 2008-05-15
thanks...seems like an awful lot of effort went into these burger joint names and needing to change them.

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-05-14
Rally's had commercials that ripped off Gunsmith Cats.
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