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Category:Science & Technology, Religious
Tags:satan, higgs boson, hadron collider, nephilim, nibiru
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Comment count is 22
can we have a "thats not how science works" week?

also, the UK community should try to hush this guy up. not because theres any hint of truth to anything he says, but because i used to automatically lend any scientist with a british accent a certain amount of authority over any other scientist.

my worldview has been destroyed.
"Scientists - freemasons - same thing."

Can we rename this thing to "Satan's Hardon Collider" already?
I suggest "Satan's Hardon."
I love how he has single-handedly solved the particle physics conspiracy. Particle Physicists and Nasa are working together in a masonic satanic plot to end the world. Those bastards.

Doctor Arcane
I forwarded this to my cousin is working on the collider. I'm sure he and his fellow Free-Masons will get a kick out of it.
Wonko the Sane
It Doesnt Exist !
It sounds so much more plausible without a hick accent. By the way the anti-Christ has a name that rhymes with "Alabama".
So hilarious. What an utter loony.
I wish for one day I could see the world as he does. It would be like some crazy ego drug trip.

I believed him until he said the moon landing was a fake.
Oh, you naysayers will all be sorry when the Satanic Masonic conspiracy unleashes the Nephilim into our world, oh we'll see who has the last laugh.

Though I thought most of the people into this sort of thing had settled on 2012 as the due date for the Nephilim/Antichrist/etc.
Doom 4 anyone?
They're not saying there is no God. They're just saying God's a particle. And once we activate the collider, we'll get to meet our tiny, tiny creator.

Perhaps He'll grant us wishes for catching Him, like a Leprechaun.
And then He will be given to Stephen Hawking as a pet

Rodents of Unusual Size
This is the ultimate kind of POETV submission. It's like someone reading their crazy website for us. I was able to watch about half way through and then I realized he was STILL GOING
Is anyone else wondering how that guy has such a nice house? Is that a fireplace in the background?
Being dumb or even bugfuck insane is not a barrier to money.


Whatever pamphlet this guy got describing CERN's project is not the same one I got. Stargates? What? This is the fun that happens when schizophrenia is allowed to blossom without constraint.
I for one welcome our new satanic moon man masters and their hot spirit humping women. Looks like the future will be filled devil women, radiation, and awesome music videos.
Also... isn't it called the god particle because it's supposed to be super-massive?
I just kept wishing that it was true, that particle accelerators were this awesome.

A Gateway to other universes and/or dimensions? One directly to hell? Fucking metal.
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