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Desc:Features a cameo by a poeTV regular we all love to hate!
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Mike, jay, no spoilers in tags, half in the bag, troll bait
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Comment count is 24
So wait, Mike and Jay were actually employees of a brick-and-mortar VCR repair shop all along? Why wasn't this the first place they went after leaving Plinkett's?

And why is there a Real Plinkett and a Fake Plinkett? And why do they both had a disturbing sexual relationship with the same actress? And why did SHE play two different characters? Couldn't she have just been Fake Nadine?

Why did Mike make some weird pitch to Lucas's sentimentality when he could've just said there was an infinite amount of unedited Star Wars copies on the internet?

It was only at 7:44 that I realized that the guy on the left was, in fact, the same guy that does the RLM reviews. Only because of how he said " fuckin' "

That was a bitchin' 'They Live" mask.
It's a shame that every entertaining internet reviewer eventually comes down with "skit disease". More and more effort put into lame, overly long skits instead of just getting to the reviews that got people interested in the first place.

Angry Video Game Nerd, Spoony, and now our beloved Plinkett.
They were making those for like 8 years before they stumbled into movies.

Or movie reviews I mean.

I second Fabio here, reviewers are frustrated actors/comedians/directors so this becomes their only way to do what they always wanted to do: shitty skits. The nerd is far better when he's actually doing just a review, and the same goes with the RLM crew.

Yes, it's the equivalent of successful comedic actors entering their "serious movie" phase.

Well, I mean, I'm sure I'd be a lot more bothered by it if they didn't actually seem to be doing MORE reviews than they've ever done before. Stuff like the Rapebot bit is pretty much comedic deadweight, but I think it's pretty a fair trade for the days of waiting months between reviews.

Angry Nintendo Nerd was always terrible from day one.

I found this amusing.

I have no idea what the spoiler is supposed to be, but this was a more entertaining episode than they usually are.
Billy the Poet
This wasn't funny. Tim Heideker is rarely funny, and they're not good enough actors to pull this kind of thing off.
There was a germ of a joke here, but it took far too long to get to the punchline. They need better editing, not only of their scripts, but with the long pauses between lines.
way too long in search of humor
So unfunny.
Caminante Nocturno
The overly-long skit was just the setup for the punchline of Step Up being a completely forgettable movie.
Adham Nu'man
So strange, the title of the movie, Step Up Revolution would have you guess it was totally awesome.
Until I realized it was a movie, I thought it was a video game knock-off of DDR.

WTF happened to poetv? We are so fucking jaded. Anti-1 star, 5 star and favorite assault!
I can understand the idea of making a long bad sketch for a two word punchline. I can understand why that's not everybodies thing. I still like Red Letter Media, and to be fair, they had shitty sketches in the original reviews as well, so this s not a new development, it just more good movie conversation combined with shitty sketches. Sorta like MST3K before we got all sentimental and nostalgic for the skits.
Caminante Nocturno
The between-film sketches in MST3K were consistently good and you are incorrect to say otherwise.

Irony is not a stage after adulthood, sometimes people like things because they really like them and that doesn't change.

I wasn't referring to irony. I disliked them as a kid and I love them now, though I feel nostalgia is still the word for it.

Sexy Duck Cop
Jay and Mike are hack frauds
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