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Desc:seasoned pros at work
Category:Classic TV Clips, Pets & Animals
Tags:dogs, george clinton, fox weatherman, almost inhaled an almond
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Comment count is 16

Unbearable people.
Has this guy ever been on the Internet? There's nothing I haven't seen humping.
Five stars for a laugh I couldn't stand for more than five seconds.
Monchiles Monchiles
Who cares? This doesn't matter anymore. What a weatherman. Additional stars for calling himself a "partially grown man".
He's a real life Michael Scott

Alright buddy, okay. We all got a chuckle, just... just chill.
It's funk music. You gotta assume there's gonna be humping.
So I guess this guy is one hundred percent unfamiliar with dogs and their myriad disgusting habits. Imagine if he'd seen one eating crap out of a litterbox. He would have died.
You'd think living in Missouri would have prepared him for a myriad of disgusting habits period. Unfortunately this is a local channel for me.

What? That just looks like an average day in Zealand, N.B.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Get the vapors!
This is the first time this man has ever been exposed to anything sexual in nature.

oh lordy

so, did he not notice the oral sex train going on that one dog for like, the 20 seconds leading up to the humping?
I love Kansas City.
I like that they think that they are funny.
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