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Desc:This is quite possibly the most gaytarded thing I've ever found.
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:cowboy, western, Cigars, SFW Fetish Week, big guns
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Rodents of Unusual Size
I found this while trying to find gay fights on Youtube. It's overly long but I just cannot stop laughing.
We all know how you found it.


Cowboys now live in apartment complexes, light cigars with lighters, and consider lighting a cigar against your landlord's wishes the most badass thing you can possibly do with yourself.
Doctor Arcane
This man clearly has no fucking clue how to light a cigar.
Dinkin Flicka
He DOES light it.... Besides, I think you should look beyond the obvious. He clearly wants to smoke pole.

Caminante Nocturno
We've got people stupidly imitating every other era online, so why am I surprised that this exists?

Excellent find. Cowboy homoerotic cosplay is something I've never heard of. In the comments he's having a showdown war with other gay cowboys. Very evil!
You know it's good when it's hard to watch the whole thing because you're embarrassed for the guy
Monchiles Monchiles
People making stupid video responses to some other douches gay ass video. This is future of communication. This is how the Matrix all gets started somehow. I want to take away infinity stars because this makes me so sad but the video was just too damn retarded funny.
dis man is my hero he is badass he smokes even tho he is not allowed one time i went out when my mom told me not to but i did it anyway i went to a party and smoked a cigarette so dis man is my hero i luv him he is an outlaw like me
Hugo Gorilla
If this guy had watched the first Hellboy movie he would know to light a cigar with a match instead of a lighter. Jeffrey Tambor taught us that.
This guy puts a lot of effort into his gayness. A LOT.
please define "run in" for us, are these guys LARPing?..oh yeah, creaky chair works for the mood
I'm still trying to figure out the angle of these videos. LARP? Fetish? Both? Someone help me out here.


I vote for cosplay fetish. If you read the comments and responses they are clearly bonering over each other.

Mike Tyson?!
I think a real outlaw would be better at VBLOGing.
Babies Ate My Dingo
Hooray for SFW fetishes!
Is he the Y the M the C or the A?
Rodents of Unusual Size
I think it's the N U T or S for more than one reason.

Also, in case no one has seen it yet, he starts with death threats after 7 minutes in. WTF?

Monchiles Monchiles
Seven minutes is too far for this outlaw.

Maggot Brain
I cannot begin describe how much this creeps me out.
When these two guys meet IRL they are going to have the hottest gay sex ever.
Couldnt watch it. Gets five stars for skipping ahead to him inserting the cigar. Thats all I need to see!
Syd Midnight
Gay as a ferret on ecstasy, but somehow also cool. This works in a way that pro wrestling just doesn't.
Shotgun Jackson
Most kids fantasize about being something real... Fireman, policeman astronaut. This dude picks OUTLAW and actually follows through with it? Wow... Talk about delusional.
La Loco
pjotrvl (2 months ago)

you look very hot. Nice voice .
I'm in love.;-) Why are those americans so fucking hot ? I would give my life for one of these guy's ;-)

Wow, every fish has it's lure
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