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Desc:British brothers Dinos and Jake Chapman create controversial 'Hell Art'
Category:Horror, Arts
Tags:Hitler, Nazi, The Art Of Hell, Dinos and Jake Chapman, Steven Hawking
Submitted:Jimmy The Headless Frog Boy
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Comment count is 21
Caminante Nocturno
It's not often that you see a work of art that could get its ass kicked by the Skaven.
Nah, it just needs Bright wizards...

Aqshy, FTW!!!

The Chapman brothers are quite obviously playing on the side of Chaos

Suffer not the artists to live.

I'm assuming youre talking about warhammer. Leave warhammer faggotry out of this beautiful, thought-provoking page!

Uhh, did they seriously buy and fuck up Hitler's paintings?

Sudan no1
I love art trolls.
Every artist is a troll, but the question is, do they put in the effort? And these guys do.

Every artist is a troll? Explain your theory, sir or ma'am.

Did this guy just invent Warhammer?
Hell is apparently fucking awesome.
This is an Upright Citizens Brigade sketch come to life. But damn, man...brilliant trolling. These guys are the greatest trolls ever.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Seriously, they've elevated trolling to a level on which it has ACTUAL MEANING. It is art, they're awesome, and their reasoning is totally cogent.

Thats right.

Games Workshop is passing off thier toys as art now.
"Hell was destroyed in a warehouse fire in the East End of London..."

All the stars for that line.
Jimmy Labatt
Dollars to Donuts these guys are hardcore Megadeth fans
Damn. I did art like this in highschool. I need to start acting artsy so I can get the big bucks.
Yes but the crucial difference is that they are talented at this sort of thing, and you are not.

I love it!

Extra virtual star for "Work Hard Play Hard"
Steven Hawking....Why not?
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