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Desc:Ladies and gentlemen, one of the most popular and in-demand comedians right now.
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:puppets, hack, why the terrorists hate us, jeff dunham
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Comment count is 24
I'm five starring this out of hatred.

That, and the obvious ploy that Jeff Dunham had of taking a tired act and making it RELEVANT!
a flaming monkey
Why were people laughing? There must have been a gas leak somewhere on the premises.
5 for the level of hack, regurgitated jokes that are years old, and lame involved. I remember this guy when his punchline was "ON A STICK!".

However, his puppets do look really good though.
The only funny thing Dunham does is his Walter puppet. And even that gimmick gets old.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
One of my friends likes this. I hate him for it.
SILENCE! HE WILL... I'm sorry, I can't finish that off.

j lzrd / swift idiot
I'm five starring this because the rest of you fucks downvoted Dane Cook so far, he's been nominated as "NEVER SUBMIT THIS GUY EVER AGAIN" status.

By the way, have I reminded you guys that you're a bunch of nonlaughing, unfunny, humorless, joykilling, antiglee buzzkillers?

Because you are.
Counterpoint: Dane Cook sucks, Jeff Durham sucks, and I'm beginning to think you're poopsocking PoeTV

i'm one starring this because this man isn't funny.

oh fuck ive made a huge mistake

this is worse than a dui

The only thing you can do now is commit suicide by unfunny comedian to pay for your sins

must you complain every time someone doesn't agree with your refined sense of humor?

Also, this clips is what, 5 years old?

-> j lzrd / swift idiot

Please tell me the audience laughter was added on.

Jeff Fries
If your puppet is a dead terrorist, the first thing he should do is cough. After that he should say things that are funny.

I can not express my emotions other than through this emoticon of ultimate sadness.
Caminante Nocturno
You'd have better lucky trying to be funny with blackface. Hell, the only time ventriloquism was funny was when blackface was still acceptable.
I didn't submit this because I thought it was funny. I submitted it because I thought it was prime 5 star evil.

I can not express my emotions other than through this emoticon of ultimate sadness.

I was recently exposed to two Jeff Dunham specials on a bus trip to Rhode Island. It consisted of me staring blankly at the tv screen while Dunham did his routine. He really is five star evil. Mind numbingly evil.

My friend gave me this for some reason. I finally got around to watching it. Other than the Walter stuff, I was not impressed.

So the extra star is for Walter.

Two stars for technical merit. It's unfunny and cliched and kind of horrifyingly racist, but the puppets are nice and the dude throws his voice pretty well.
this website if for 5 starring evil you dipshits.
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