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Desc:Once again, not Ron Perlman, Hellboy.
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:hellboy, ron perlman, Sci-Fi Channel, Ghost Hunters
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Comment count is 12
"Well we also spend a lot of time hanging around in old houses, clutching our night-vision equipment until someone nervously whispers they think they feel a cold spot in the room. That's pretty much it."
I don't understand how ghost hunters make money. Unless it's all a ploy to steal shit from old people. Actually that is probably it.
This is the worst thing Ron Perlman has been involved with.
He's got a mortgage too. Besides, royalties on such awesome films as Name of the Rose isn't enough to pay the bills.

You misspelled 'most awesome'.

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
I always thought hell boy was john goodman but what do i know
Really? I always kinda thought it was Gary Busey.

You guys are both crazy. Ron Pearlman's the only guy who could act under that much makeup.

"Yeah...we pretty much just video tape them."

"...Oh. So why do you guys still have a show?"

The comic book Hellboy would probably prefer doing this to all that chasin' around and hunting demons etc.. Be good downtime.
"So you want me to NOT shoot it, and you'll pay me for that."

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