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Desc:Old Iranian woman lets herself in without using the door.
Category:Stunts, Arts
Tags:Old People, spider-man, Iran, Wall, granny
Submitted:Dinky Patterson
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Comment count is 14
caged ant - 2008-07-13
Could use a 'parkour' tag.
fluffy - 2008-07-13
The world's sweetest old ninja.
Hay Belly - 2008-07-13
The trick is evacutating your bowels before you start climbing.
Derrida - 2008-07-13
I misread that as spider-gram. I would love to have spiders delivered to people.
Mostly Pi - 2008-07-13
Those skills are sure gonna come in handy in about a year or so, when she's scrambling over the charred remains of her village, scrounging for bits of food and the ravaged corpses of her grandchildren so she can give them a proper burial after the U.S.A comes truckin' in.

RockBolt - 2008-07-13
I see Altair's mother is keeping in shape
kingarthur - 2008-07-13
I find it amazing what Iranian women can do covered in all those robes. There's a police training video on here that's pretty interesting.

Also, ninja granny.
voodoo_pork - 2008-07-13
"Spider-Gran, Spider-Gran
Does the things that a Spider-Gran does
Can she chew... on some ice?
No, she can't... got no teeth

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-07-13
I can't wait to see who her symbiotic supervillain rival will be.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-07-14
Christian Venom. He lifts things in the name of CHRIST!

zatojones - 2008-07-14
World's kindliest cat thief
charmlessman - 2008-07-14
Nice place she has there. That's how she's been getting in and out since the Shah fell.
Charles - 2009-03-17
The Prince of Persia's mother
Bort - 2014-03-21
Meanwhile, we've got 40-year-olds who have to ride around on Rascals.

I think Iran wins.
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