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Desc:Another Jack Dickson special
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:Duck, garbage day, farm, jack dickson
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Comment count is 14
I had that same tshirt in 1985.
Is it possible that good ol' Jack Dickson has somehow managed to discover a way to post YouTube videos from 1985? Because that would explain why he isn't inside calling me a fagot on XBox Live.

Dinky Patterson
Sorry, but good ol' Jack Dickson is now a year older and just some dime a dozen hick throwing shit out and hamming it up.
Fun fact: 25 years from now, good ol' Jack Dickson invents a time machine, travels back to the present day and takes his invention for full sized houses made of giant Lego bricks to the American Inventor panel.
I think you mean PRESIDENT Jack Dickson

-2 for throwing away lots of recyclables. Stupid hicks.
Needs an "Agricultural Subsidies" tag
Good Ol' Jack Dickson can't swing a bat worth a damn.

Also: What the hell kind of hell-hole does he live in? There's a rotting pig covered in maggots just outside his house, and apparently they just have a big hole that they throw random household items into outside another structure. I'm surprised he's managed to hold onto a Ghostbusters shirt for so long when they're throwing out perfectly good angel statues.
its called a "landfill" ...although usually people don't keep them on their own private property (kinda makes the property values go down)

How d' y'all reckon that these folks can make thar own moving pictures?!?

Nas wun.
"Why are you watching this?"
Moustache McGillicuddy
"Louisville Slugger."
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