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Desc:The pilot episode
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:bob, reboot, Pilot, mainframe, Megabyte
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Oh man. I don't recall Web 1.0 being this awesome.
Megabyte is voiced by the same guy who was the Supreme Being in Time Bandits, the hilarious narrator in the PS2 version of the Bard's Tale, and the Supermutant Lieutenant in Fallout 1. I guess he also introduces the races in World of Warcraft. RIP Tony Jay.
He was that big squid thing in Soul Reaver too.

And a couple Disney villains.

Oh, and he narrated a lot of those haunted places documentaries.

I've seen like 3 episodes of this show, 2 of them were this style. the 3rd had better animation and was all serious and dark.
The animation improved drastically as time went on. It was the first computer-animated TV show. Remember, this episode was aired in 1994, before even Toy Story came out.

For the record I LOVED REBOOT.
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