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Desc:Something inside him is growing and it's going to help him succeed. It needs to be nutured.
Category:Stunts, Fashion
Tags:trainwreck, spikebravo, sabbatical, stolen milk crates
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Comment count is 17
I actually felt the quality of my life improving while watching this video.
Dinky Patterson
I get the sense that the quality of his life would improve dramatically if he became a ditch digger and lived a life of quiet desperation.

He places supreme importance on his mind and all his deep thinking has made him into is a self-actualized buffoon.

He just needed to take a huge dump.
There is something forming within me... excrement... but I need to nurture it with the proper fibers...

I expected him to turn into a being of pure light and then zoom zoom out the window when he finished talking. Also, isn't it bad form to make an I'M LEAVING YOU HATERS video after only a week of your online existence?

Callisto the Warrior Queen, WTF BRO WTF?

See the moment I start feeling a little sorry for him he has to wrap up his epiphany with a clip of CALLISTO WARRIOR QUEEN, then I'm back to square one.
he has also been on a comment binge on my video reply to him, and has asked his friend to come along and call me harry potter.

So funny, he loves it.

Something in his delivery of "her unborn baby" at 3:00 had me transfixed. I must've clicked to repeat that line twenty times.
Crazy crazy Saturday night here, folks!
I like the fact that all the YouTube comments that say "get better, you'll be missed" have multiple thumbs-down, while all the comments like "You are batshit crazy" have multiple thumbs-up.
When he returns, will he still have testicles-in-the-mouth-itis? Only time will tell.
"Some of you get off on suffering."

He's talking about us, right?

wtf japan
He's definitely talking about me.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Obviously he needs time to overcome his compulsive helium swallowing addiction.
Maggot Brain
Wait, all this guy does is make crappy little art films at home?
He's leaving. For a while.

He'll be back in a week. He can't live without it. (I hope)
3 stars for the retard on youtube. the bonous stars for the "stolen milk crates" tag!
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