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Desc:... and I had to make the whole time!
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:baby, ghostbusters, diaper, clear piss ghost
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Comment count is 12

I wish this were actually a movie.
If even Baby City has ghosts, what chance to the rest of us have?
You're looking at it from the wrong way. If even Baby City has Ghostbusters, we can all feel a surge of hope! Especially since the ghosts that plague Baby City can be trapped, adorably mind you, in baby bottles. Then they don't even have to wear pants after they're done.

Man I kind of got myself excited about Baby City. Place sounds awesome, now.

That's a lot of child nudity for a commercial.

Oh wait...its European.
That commercial is so awesome it makes me want to wear diapers.
Awww....aren't babies and their uncontrollable waste ADORABLE?
Doctor Frederick Odd
Wow. They didn't skip any part of the ghostbusting process, not even the transference of the ghost from the temporal container to the permanent container.
That's dedication to a concept.
Caminante Nocturno
And, much like the adult Ghostbusters, they celebrate a job well done by running around naked in their locker room.
Aw they have a little towel headed baby in a taxi cab. I love stereotypes, cause they are true.
yes, Baby Sikh and Walstreet WASP make it for me

I love the cop with shit on his face.
Big Muddy
This is criminal. Describe something like this and 'poof' no fulfillment. And trust me, my search any iteration or common word association using the words "Ghostbusters diaper commercial" has not revealed a damn thing. Go to hells bells youtube!!!!
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