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Desc:Latest Trailer for Fallout 3.
Category:Video Games, Fashion
Tags:Beards, RPG, fallout 3, bethesda, Post Apocalyptic
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Comment count is 18
I look forward to my Fu Manchu science/medico roaming the wastes & righting wrongs*.

* any drugs sampled & wenches bedded while on this world saving adventure will done in the name of medical experimentation.
I have never looked more forward to Oblivion with guns.
Have you had other options to look forward to Oblivion with guns that didn't turn out as well?

Oblivion with blackpowder muskets, for one.

Oblivion With Guns looks so much better than the original Fallouts. They actually should've just called this Fallout, without the 3, since it's gonna just destroy those old stupid-ass games. Who wants isometric?

"a ludicrously long list of beards"

That's what sold me too. They know their audience.

I wonder if 'Fat guy neckbeard' will be a choice.


Not too many games make me happy. I am genuinely terrified of this game because I know that if I ever played it it would seriously fuck up my life.
I normally hate Bethesda's games.. it's funny what changing the setting and adding some guns can do to a genre. I see myself getting incredibly fat with this one.
Those "HELP US" signs near the Vault door give me the biggest fucking chills.
I'm dubious but thrilled.
The dialog system seems to be more natural than Oblivion was, and ten minutes into the game you can choose to either save a town or blow it up with a nuclear weapon. I'm sold.
King of Balls
This game simulates Hell Comes to Frogtown like nothing has before.
Adham Nu'man
"Sure, this looks beautiful and fun. But where are my isometric graphics and environmental text box?!?"
Baby Finster
Looking forward to using the Railway Rifle and turning every combat situation into a morbid art project. Choo choo!
Stock up on poop socks now, folks.
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