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Desc:What's cooler than being cool? Being 2 degrees above absolute zero.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:science, liquid helium, superfulid, leaky, supercool
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Comment count is 14
WTF? Who broke my physics?
I can see the appeal to Creationism.

"Baby Jesus did it" just leaves everything so neat and tidy, no pesky questions.

Syd Midnight
That's quantum physics on an everyday scale! (if you can call -271 C "everyday"). The whole mess of liquid acts like a single quantum object, a giant flowy particle.

If you put it on a turntable and start to spin the beaker, the liquid helium will stay perfectly still until the beaker hits a certain speed, then it will all start spinning as one object.

I think quantum phenomena has a 50/50 chance to get credited to Jesus or blamed on Satan.

I'm guessing that "the devil did it" is nowhere near the craziest interpretation that QM has inspired.

bosons are more fun than fermions
Stop it, science, stop it right now. You are CONFUSING people and hurting their FEELINGS and you have to STOP.
Consider my mind blown
How will this technology benefit us? seems kind of superfluous...
if i wasn't already going to 5 this, your comment would have earned it.

a way over qualified high school science teacher i had told us about helium in a superfluid state. not sure if there is video of it, but he said when mixed up like water in a glass with a spoon, it spins in multiple vortexes because that apparently is more efficient.

i'd like to see that!


Syd Midnight
You can use it to squirt people. They will never suspect it, because it seems to violate physics.

Jeff Fries
We call this kind of flo a supaflo
was hoping to see the slipgate open up when they brought it to temperature and all the demons of hell devour the scientists...bummer
C. Eloi Marx
I have a friend who's PhD. dissertation was on how superfluids and superconductors were analogous. The discussion was interesting (though largely over my head) so it's supercool to see in this in action.
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