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Desc:Oh god he's describing my nightmares
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:deep sea, attenborough, Angler Fish, Oh god look at those teeth
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Comment count is 13
buttnutt - 2008-09-14
Wow, being a male angler fish is the pits.
Hooker - 2008-09-14
Jim Henson's Deep Sea Creatures.
Camonk - 2008-09-14
jesus god what is wrong with the ocean
sliggy - 2008-09-14
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-09-14
So that's why every woman I hit on ends up kicking me. I lack specialized teeth.
mysterycar - 2008-09-14
that or the anime, CN.

that, or the anime

Frank Rizzo - 2008-09-14

mysterycar - 2008-09-14
Wow, underwater gender roles are reversed. Normally it's the women that latch on to the men and drain their blood.

AM I RITE FELLAS? Can I get an amen?
Keefu - 2008-09-14

Syd Midnight - 2008-09-15
Most women do not appreciate being treated as a walking vagina. However, all men would appreciate being treated as a walking penis.

I just feel sorry for gay anglerfish.

Syd Midnight - 2008-09-15
I would like to know what Smellvin thought was not worth 5 stars here. I am desperate to not 5 star videos, but I subconsciously use Youtube standards, so 5 stars for earthling life that you couldn't even fucking make up.
oogaBooga - 2008-10-14
The deep sea contains 70% of the worlds horror, the other 30% resides in japan.
RandomFerret - 2008-12-26
That thing just ate a humboldt squid.
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