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Desc:Ronnie the Bear's casual insults are the best casual insults.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:brad neely, harry potter, wizard people, dear reader
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Comment count is 18
I like "Wizard People", but this clip isn't well edited, and would be better with just the middle part.
Busby Berkeley
I would like it slightly longer, set during Labor Day and with more spandex.

Syd Midnight
Yeah, I love "Wizard People", but it doesn't really work well as a clip. Maybe this will get people to listen to the whole thing.

Monchiles Monchiles
To little funny stretched over to much clip.
Ron... loves twizzlers.
Sean Robinson
* *
* *

Sean Robinson

Wizard People
Albuquerque Halsey
Goofy Gorilla
You can tell he is truly and fully realizing how terrible this movie is by this point.
Innocent Bystander
5 stars for Wizard People, Dear Reader. The whole thing is on youtube (or it used to be, maybe they took it down)! I consider it the only way to consume a Harry Potter movie.
If you actually own the movie, you can buy a CD of the Brad Neely track (or download it for free if you're a cheap fucker) from:


Innocent Bystander
Why on earth would you own a Harry Potter movie?

Syd Midnight
Yeah I feel bad for not giving 5 stars, but you kind of have to start from the beginning and get into the narrator's creepy style. It should all be on Youtube.

Aren't there two versions of "Wizard People"? I seem to recall on one of the other clips posted here, someone mentioned that Neely re-recorded it and the re-recording is inferior.

Neely seems a lot more bored here, and the delivery rather flat in comparison to the other clips I'd seen.
"Oiled gazelle."
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
I bet God wants to fuck that, too.

"Like angel shit."
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