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Desc:If you do not believe in the free financing, you will be eaten.
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:dinosaurs, Jurassic Park, Schweig Engel, credit
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Comment count is 13
which one is Schweig and which Engel?
Schweig is the one that spits poison.

wtf japan
I never took you for an antisemite, Xiphias.

One of the related videos is a furniture place that offers free fried chicken. Seriously.
Frankie & Johnnie's Furniture

Godard's Drinking Problem
My god, that was jaw-dropping on any number of levels. Everyone, everyone must watch it.

I used to have an action figure of the same model as the "dino" on the right.
5 stars for nostalgia being used as shitty props.
"...the home of no finance chaaar-gehz! *wiggle*"
I wonder if shit like this has something to do with the current credit crisis.
5 stars for the absurdity and because I had that one on the right.
Oh man, those Jurassic Park action figures were awesome. Foam rubbery dinosaurs with working jaws, and hunks of flesh you could have other dinosaurs rip out, revealing gore and bones underneath. And the spitting dinosaur that you filled up with water to blind your Nedry action figure!

Also this commercial is pretty ridiculous.

Thank God. I'm so tired of paying finance charges when I buy a new Velociraptor.
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