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Desc:How retarded does a movie have to be to be the most retarded computer movie ever? Answer within.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:hollywood, computers, cyberpunk, Everything is Terrible, even worse than that russell crowe film
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Comment count is 10
Oh, Full Moon = always a sure mark of quality.
Four stars for the HORROR of a badly-drawn bear turning into a badly-drawn monster.
Looks like a 3DO game only with a lower budget.
this must be the sequel to Pearl Harbor that we've all been waiting for!
Too bad for even Sci-Fi?
According to legend, the DVD commentary is nothing but the director talking about how shit his movie is to all the people he assumes aren't listening to him.
Man I gotta see this movie.
Helena Handbasket
Shit ya. I am ALL about this.

Billy the Poet
On my journey to the bottom of the cinematic barrel, I watched this.

Still better than Dracula 3000.
Big Muddy
Serial Experiments: Lame
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