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Desc:but your door is closed
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:dutch, ears, boogie woogie, van kooten en de bie
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 15
okay, I'll bite. What is up with his ears?
theyre fake, apparently a satire of some Dutch royal
Is swearing acceptable in comments?
I mean I know I can, but is it OK?
I can't help but notice there is a _______ in the title.
I really feel the need to swear while commenting on this clip.

Also ...

Is it acceptable to post a comment without reference to the clip?
I mean I know I can, ...
Isn't there a rule of acquisition to cover this ?
Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm sure the Grand Nagus would approve of this, as long as he's getting paid.

Frank Rizzo
its supposebly dutch...

o, wat ben je mooi
zoals je daar ligt in het hooi
o, wat ben je prachtig
je bent in een woord machtig
ik vind je leuk
ik vind je leuk
ik vind je leuk
en ik krijg everal jeuk
ik wou je vragen
of je in m'n nieuwe wagen
die daar buiten staat
een eindje mee uit rijden gaat
ja, de liefde van de man
gaat heus door de maag
en zoals jij koken kan
daar van eet maar al te graag

the translation (via babelfish) is...

o, what is you beautiful such as your lies there in hay o, what is you splendid you are in a word authorise I find you nice I find you nice I find you nice and I get everal tingling I wanted ask you or you in m' n new ventures that there outside state distance from to ride with goes yes, the love of the man go indeed by flatulence and as you can cook but there of already too gladly eat

Damn but I love Bablefish.
fantastic song, better crazy translation.

I wanna be _____ by you, just you, and nobody else but you... I want to be _____ by you, aloooooooooone, boop boopie dooo...
I can dig it
Lauritz Melchior
Five stars for piano. GAAGAHAHWAOIYU!
Vincent Price
Testicles of Doom
His creepy factor goes to 11.
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