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Desc:Joe the Plumber: NO ORDINARY JOE
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:John McCain, election, Joe the Plumber, Plumbers Cracking the Case for Truth
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Comment count is 13
A thousand million bajillion stars for them incorporating McCain's lizard face into the attack ads. Holy shit.
THIS. even favorited for this.

McCains's tongue is aiming the the plumber ass crack.

Okay, I'm about 90% sure this was done as a joke to point out the whole things silliness.

Maybe 80%...

Cap'n Profan!ty
A+ for "Plumbers Cracking the Truth" logo
Rodents of Unusual Size
The real plumbers of America just became my new heroes.
G. Gordon Liddy has always been a personal hero.

You realize there is no actual organization called "Plumbers Cracking the Truth", right

I'm sort of amazed that anyone still thinks that "Joe" is just an ordinary guy. When the fuck did Fake Working-Class become so popular?
Is everyone else ignoring Plumber's Crack...

ing the truth?
-2 stars because his middle name is Joseph.
Yeah... "Sam the Plumber" just wouldn't just do, would it? Because everyone in America who is blue-collar MUST be named Joe Six-Pack somehow.

-1 because some of those poses by Joe make him look scary and badass, like Vic Mackey.
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