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Desc:I cannot believe they pulled this off
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:SNL, tina fey, Sarah Palin, palin, beyond parody
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Comment count is 16
This has Andy Sambergs fingerprints all over it. It was funny but they didn't need Palin there to do it. Fuck her.
Testicles of Doom
You're right. It does have Sandberg's prints all over it, but it's criminally unfunny and unnecessary.

And not evil enough to be worth more than 2.

I wasn't laughing when I saw this, I was shocked.

Both sketches consist of nothing but the crew ripping into her, while she stands there and smiles at it. It would have been devastating if Palin had any dignity left. I can't imagine who in the McCain campaign thought this was a good idea.

Doctor Frederick Odd
Yes, who would have imagined that a person that grew up as an attention whore would have so much tolerance when taking pain and humiliation.

Yeah i realized after a couple of Samburg's bits that he really only has one or two jokes that just get recycled ad nauseum. This is joke one: Rap Song Done Whitely.

Awkward, embarrasing, yes. Funny? who knows anymore.

I bet Mark Steyn was "pulling it off" while watching this

If you know what I mean

What I mean is he was MASTURBATING
It's official: The McCain campaign is a joke.
Comrade Admiral
It was probably the most obvious joke they could have made, but I thought Alec Baldwin's delivery of "Hey Tina" was still pretty funny.
Well, half stars for the lead-in bit. That was watchable.
Loved it. Sorry.

This is what Palin should be doing. Comedy bits.
You mean she hasn't been?

Oh. I feel dumb now. I kept waiting for McCain and Ashton Kutcher to come out and go, "YO! AMERICA! YOU GOT PUNK'D!"

Rodents of Unusual Size
After watching the rap all I can say is that Palin doesn't care anymore, she knows she's going to lose or she never would have done this. She just is going for sheer popularity amongst viewers, even at the expense of McCain, her campaign's dignity, and it is pretty calculated. She has nothing to gain here since she's not going to win.
Rodents of Unusual Size
meant to say nothing to lose here by doing this, since she's not going to win.

Regardless of the election results these "brazen" SNL bits will be a forgettable blip in time. Sadly this type of shit appeals to a large percentage of voters who value familiarity and likability when choosing a candidate, a process that takes them about 4 seconds to decide on.
Jeff Fries
John to Sarah: Go on SNL it will solve everything trust me
Michael Houser
Did you watch the rest of the show? Holy shit it sucked. You'd think they'd take the opportunity with such guaranteed ratings to dish out the funny, but fuckin' a -- what were there, like 20 'Magruber' bits? Yeesh.
Also, I turned it on just after the opening, and went to bed midway through Weekend Update, so I missed stupid Palin. I feel dirty.
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