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Desc:Middle Eastern comedians descend upon New York and share what it's like.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:middle east, racism, arabs, muslims, Iranian
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Comment count is 27
One star for each hot chick plus two extra stars for the
egyptian "goddess"
Hugo Gorilla
Oh, you're Egyptian? Are you the goddess Hathor who fished out Osiris' body parts from the Nile except for his genitals because they were eaten by a fish?

Hugo Gorilla
Actually, it was Isis, not Hathor, dumb ass.

You tell him Hugo!

Dinky Patterson
Oh, you're from the Middle East. Do they still kill women and fags with impunity over there?
Maria Shehata is hot
I'm partial to Hend Ayoub, sexy accent.

isn't saying "you invented paper?!" as patronizing as saying "i love hummus!"?

Hummus implies servitude, I guess. Hey you're black I love what you do with fried chicken. Type of thing.

ahh true... still, if you told a black guy "hey, you invented jazz! america's only true artform!" you'd be getting some preeeetty odd looks.

wtf japan
They don't like that? And all this time I've been back-slapping about peanut butter and traffic lights!

Wait, they invented traffic lights? Hmm, maybe I'll give this "Obama" character a look after all.

he's not black, he's tiger woodsanese

We're going back many thousands of years to find these positive cultural contributions.

Many of them are not even accurate. The "Arabic numeral system" (0 to 9) is not Arabic in origin at all, nor is it even Persian.

Coffee is not thousands of years old, it is ONGOING.

You're Norwegian? You are THOR

I honestly don't get that much guff. Though people used to think they were really clever and call me 'terrorist', ho ho. Oh, and someone yelled, "THANK YOU COME AGAIN!" at me out of a car window. Which doesn't even WORK.

Mmm, hot arabs. We don't have those here. :-(
Are Indians considered Arabs now? I remember me and my friend Neel (a very tall skinny Indian) were walking through the Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, TX and some people at The Rainforest Cafe started screaming "GO BACK TO ISLAM!"

I wish I was lying.
Same thing happened to an Indian friend of mine during the first Gulf War in '91.

Mike Tyson?!
Caring about race you are is stupid.
Caring about what race other people are is even more stupid.

Mike, you are correct

Rodents of Unusual Size
Dean Obidallah is the shiznit.
Jeff Fries
Arabic comedians: still too square to be funny
"that must be fun for you" is probably exactly what i would say if a stranger accosted me to tell me about iranian ancestry.
you know what i would love....i'm white so does anyone care?
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