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Desc:Kitty is weird
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:cat, Spanking, tropical island rhythms, is this horse dead yet?
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Comment count is 20
augias - 2008-11-15
That's hot.
lolcoolj - 2008-11-15
5 for tropical island rhythms
Man Who Fights Like Woman - 2008-11-16

Man Who Fights Like Woman - 2008-11-16
Damn, meant to reply to TinManic.

TinManic - 2008-11-15

also, how do you discover if your cat is into this. i would feel awkward just spanking my cat to see if she likes it.
Frank Rizzo - 2008-11-15
5 stars for 1 starring a dupe of cat spanking video

Oktay - 2008-11-16
Speaking of which, did you hear about the necrophiliac sado-beastialists? They gave up. (They realized it was beating a dead horse.)

mouser - 2008-11-16

margoth - 2008-11-16
most kitty's love a good spanking.

Genghis the gerbil - 2008-11-15
5 stars for cat scrabbling at the guy's leg in between bouts of slapping.
buttnutt - 2008-11-16
In cat asylums they have tile walls.
Godard's Drinking Problem - 2008-11-16
That is a mutually beneficial relationship.

fluffy - 2008-11-16
I love whatever sequence of events led to this being an everyday enjoyable occurrence for this cat.
halon - 2008-11-16
This is a weird cat.
glasseye - 2008-11-16
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2008-11-16
He trying to loosen that cat's impacted feces?
Xiphias - 2008-11-16
I think the best, most underrated part of this video, is that it is filmed in some sort of austere laboratory, hospital, or asylum.
Xiphias - 2008-11-16
also the first time I rated this I think I said something lilke CAT SPANK FEVER and I stand by that.

libby1217 - 2008-11-16
it has a good beat and i can dance to it...5 stars
DMKA - 2008-11-16
At least three people in the world have jacked off to this video.

You know it in your hearts to be true.
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