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Desc:Nothing going for him in life, but at least he's fat and no one likes him (cameo by his giant gut)
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:fat, Myspace, demoniusx, fleshy pits of sadness
Submitted:Vestigial Johnson
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Comment count is 15

That'll get their juices flowing (in the wrong direction).
Hugo Gorilla
I really wish he'd come back. Or find someone new who gets drunk on two beers despite weighing three hundred pounds.
300? I don't know how tall DX is but I'd say he left the three hundred mark in his rear view a while ago.

yeah, not even close to 300.

Goethe and ernie
I don't think I like Nintendo anymore.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Is this an oldie or did Mr.X break up with his fiancée?
Vestigial Johnson
It's old. I think this was after his 2nd leaving-Youtube-forever and just before the fiance.

Hell, it might even be how they met

Normally I'd ask if it's wrong for me to be ardently hoping that he and his buttery fiancee break up, but since he's an awful person I already know that it's fine.

his hopes are dashed as I did not enjoy the vid other than the fact that there's nothing going for him in life
bang to buck ratio
Oddly poignant.
Frank Rizzo
You're doing it wrong
reverse psychology

-1 because I don't think anything will ever top the breakup video.
I think I will make the choice to be a lesbian now.
mutton chops!
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