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Desc:'A clown? You were defeated... by a clown?'
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:DC, Mortal Kombat, joker, ACTING!
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Comment count is 13
Monchiles Monchiles
I was actually thinking about renting this game until I saw this trailer. The battle system... wow, it doesn't look fun at all.
You could also tell that from the first two words in the title.

Ooo! Deadpool! Wait a minute... That's not right. Oh. Deathstroke. Damn.
It's funny 'cause Deadpool was originally just a shitty ripoff of Deathstroke (Rob Liefeld being a hack who's never had a single original thought in his life) but later Deadpool got really awesome.

After the last mortal kombat they dont deserve to make games anymore.

Seriously. MORTAL KART-BAT. Mario kart with MK characters.

I know it was a mini-game, but JESUS CHRIST people!
I'm a fucking Joker fanboy.
I'm a fucking Cesar Romero fanboy.

I'm fucking Cesar Romero, fanboy.

No, wait..

Killer Joe
Know why they didn't show his badass execution-style fatality? 'Cause they took it out.
Yellow Lantern
The fatality is still in the game, but now the camera pulls away before the second gunshot so you don't see their brains blown out.

Not quite as effective, but at least the spirit is in there.

The only thing this video has convinced me of is that the gameplay in this game is shallow and broken as fuck. Plus buttonmashing.
Also going to reiterate my previous statement: It's like Marvel Vs. Street Fighter's retarded little brother.

Prickly Pete
This game is actually incredibly bad ass.
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