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Desc:And you thought your job gave you a headache!
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:headache, bangladesh, stacking bricks on head
Submitted:Jimmy The Headless Frog Boy
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Comment count is 12
Hope he doesn't let his internet fame go to his head!
he doesn't have the internet


There is this thing called a wheelbarrow.

Don't worry, bro. I got the joke. To his head! Hah!

No these guys skipped past wheelbarrow and straight to the internet. He has access to a split T-3 connection at the library.

Entire economies have been based on the ability of people to balance ridiculous loads on heads, carts, and oxen
Lies and slander. He's actually carrying a load of bricks to the boat but walking backwards. It's just reverse playback for the video.
By the end I was saying, No you can't carry anymore! Stop it! But he didn't listen.
Don't sneeze
Only slightly disappointed he did not punch a hole through the bottom of the boat.
I know, or at least have the plank snap!

And then he just throws it all on the floor
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