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Desc:You will not be able to watch the whole thing.
Category:Horror, Science & Technology
Tags:Mouth, teeth, dentist, wisdom tooth, is it safe?
Submitted:Thatcher Pennywhistle
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Comment count is 36
halon - 2008-11-30
that is an impressively sideways tooth. For some reason, this also isn't as bad as I expected it to be.
Architeuthis Tux - 2008-11-30
I really had no trouble watching the whole thing. I have a tooth exactly like that, so seeing it come out was really cathartic. Like watching a huge splinter getting pulled out.
boner - 2008-11-30
I had all 4 of mine out at once. Felt like somebody beat me up really bad, and it messed up Thanksgiving for me. but they gave me good drugs.
dr_rock - 2008-11-30
I had all 4 out too. All were impacted, 2 in the bone. Sucked hardcore. Also, my shitty doctor only gave me 600 mg Ibuprofen. I MEAN WTF!!

sunflowr_eyes - 2011-05-08
I had all four out at once, too. I had to ride my bike to and from the dentist the morning of the appointment. It was a forty five minute trip each way and half of the ride was on a major route of traffic with no sidewalk.

At the end of my surgery, the dentist asked if someone was picking me up. I said no. I told him I was riding my bike and it was a 45 minute commute. He reminded me that I had to pay in full before I left, and wrote me a prescription for 600mg ibuprofen. That was it.

Years later I wonder why the dentist, or the receptionist, or someone in the waiting room could not have offered me a ride home. There were at least four adults who heard my conversation quite clearly and did nothing.

It was terrible to be a 17 girl without parents that cared to own me. It was embarrassing and humiliating and it showed me a side of people I do not care to think about.

Yeah, that was a painful video to watch.

Walt Henderson - 2008-11-30
Is it just me, or does it seem like the patient wakes up around 1:05? Ugh. More drugs, please.
wtf japan - 2008-11-30
I had mine done while I was semi-lucid. They put me on morphine though, which kicked ass. I remember heckling the dental surgeon whenever he would warn me that he was about to do something particularly painful. "Is that all you got?" and "bring it on" and the like. I'm sure he couldn't understand a word of it.

fermun - 2008-11-30
I got put under with sodium pentothal, and woke up a few times during it. In the waiting room just before I went back, the song "Slow Ride" was on, so the song was in my head, and every time I regained consciousness, I began singing. The oral surgeon couldn't understand what I was singing, but knew I was singing something.

Desidiosus - 2008-11-30
I had dental surgery when I was 15 or 16 and I woke up during it. I wasn't in a dentist's chair, though; I was on a really barren planet, like in the first Alien movie, surrounded by astronauts in full spacesuits and helmets.

And curse you, chumbucket, for posting that comment first. You bastard.

Mad Struggle - 2008-11-30
Most likely, the patient was just swallowing the blood/water.

When I had my three wisdom teeth taken out (which were no where near as bad as this guy's tooth), I woke up once or twice when the dentist was pulling them out. I never opened my eyes, but I distinctly remember pressure and the sound of metal scraping bone.

bacrie - 2008-11-30
hey no thanks
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2008-11-30
Put the pick in there Pete and turn it round real neat.
chumbucket - 2008-11-30
is it safe?
Chancho - 2008-11-30
I had mine removed when I was 17. Each tooth was cut into four pieces with a circular saw. Then they used a vacuum to suck the pieces out. I woke up with a mouthful of coagulated blood.

The anesthetic made me groggy for two days after. Also, the needle for the anesthetic bruised the top of my hand badly. It was black for a week.

So, this is no big deal to me.
Pike - 2008-11-30
Mine came out whole and strong. They tell me I asked for them after the surgery; I don't remember anything but slowly regaining lucidity on the car ride home, clutching a bag holding my prodigal teeth. I made a necklace.
KnowFuture - 2008-11-30
Oh, a WHOLE, INTACT tooth extraction.

You lucky, lucky bastard.

I had to have a tooth taken out one time that involved the tooth pretty much being broken off already at the gumline. The dentist took this thing that looked like a rusty screwdriver (no insurance ghetto dentists who charge less to yank a tooth than to fix one, gotta love 'em) and smashed up all the root parts with it and there was this sensation/sound of things being broken inside my skull that went on for about 10 minutes, followed by the bloody little tooth pieces---some of which had little bits of flesh hanging from them---being yanked out.

So yeah, this is no big shakes to me either.
oogaBooga - 2008-11-30
Makes me glad I dont have any wisdom teeth. If I do, I sure as hell can't find 'em!
Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2008-11-30
They wanted to do mine with a nerve block and no sedative: I sat through the first three like this, but the impacted one required removing some bone, and I couldn't sit through that, so they used ketamine.

I woke up half way through as a magical old man in a suit appeared with a stainless steel cordless power drill, laid there under the light, with about a thousand things hanging out of my mouth.

I just went 'unh?' and a nurse said 'shhh' as I drifted away.

Turns out that the magic man and his concentrated expression was real, and they were right that ketamine would make me high as a kite.

Still, a weirdly trip-like experience.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2008-11-30
Hm. Not sure it was ketamine.

I remember them using the phrase 'well, you will be aware of your surroundings at the time, but you won't have any rceollection', which I found a little sinister.

I've taken ketamine once at an after party and it had a similar effect, though. It was peaceful and empathogenic. It was like I could feel other people's mental state at the party, and likewise I could feel people at the hospital. It was quite a profound experience, although I'm sure it's not why people usually take it.

Anyway, enough crap. Oh, and I didn't watch the video.

UnderANeonHalo - 2008-11-30
I almost couldn't watch the whole thing, it was kind of boring.

Loses a star for not having sound.
thatonegirl - 2008-11-30
Before I got braces, I had to have eight teeth extracted, because I had four teeth growing on top of my wisdom teeth. I don't remember what happened to the first four, but I have the second set of four in a little container along with other objects.

When the numbness goes away, it sucks. But, having cotton mouth that won't go away for two days sucks more.
Pillager - 2008-11-30
Nitrous Oxide, baby.

Stopped breathing during surgery.

Other than that, it went well.

Didn't even need the Lortabs they prescribed.

endlesschris - 2008-11-30
I know I was awake through the whole thing but I cannot remember a thing other than the sensation of sitting in a chair and then "waking up" in a different room where a dentist's assistant was incredulous that I was still hiccuping.

I still don't know how they extracted four teeth while I hiccuped the entire time, but apparently they did. Still want those magic drugs again.
godot - 2008-11-30
My dentist cocked up my wisdom tooth extraction, fracturing two of them with the roots left in the gum. He referred me to a oral-maxillofacial surgeon who essentially had to drill out the remainder of the roots with power tools.

I refused nitrous, as I'm the sort who would enjoy watching video from my own colonoscopy, live. And only needed one of the 20 codeine tabs prescribed for post-op pain. So, between this and prior wisdom tooth operations, I've 50 tabs of narcotic stashed with my hiking gear, in the event of a sprained ankle far from the trailhead. In reality, I've only taken two when I felt the onset of a migraine and didn't have Imatrex or Fiorinal handy. The fact that I haven't enjoyed the rest of it recreationally is a (very) small point of pride.
boner - 2008-11-30
I've had two colonoscopies, and did get to watch them live, and I did enjoy it.

I hear sometimes they give you drugs that make you forget what happens during painful surgery. Or at least make you think it was a dream...

In other news, codeine makes me happy.

Thatcher Pennywhistle - 2008-11-30
Opiates are pretty great.

stompr - 2008-11-30
I watched this video through, and I can't seem to relate. My wisdom teeth grew in straight and unobstructed, so I still have them. The only dental work I needed in my life was to get a tiny cavity filled. So small that when I asked what drugs he would use, the doctor just laughed at me.
Chibisuke - 2008-11-30
You fuckers. I have to have a wisdom tooth extracted, and I was already terrified of getting gassed and now I 'm reading "stopped breathing during surgery", "woke up", "power drill", and "mouth full of coagulated blood". Fuckers.

And no I didn't watch the video. I just came here to read comments about how it wasn't so bad.
Desidiosus - 2008-11-30
If it helps any, most dentists won't gas you if you agree to general anesthesia. They just stick a giant IV needle in the back of your hand.

Then they rifle through your wallet while you're under.

Brautwurst_Barbarian - 2008-11-30
Look on the bright side: Drugs.

My doctor gave me some real good drugs. I was insensate for four days after ward.

Merzbau - 2008-12-01
I was about to post the exact same comment. I'm just glad I was able to convince Blue Cross it was worth paying for general anesthesia for me on account of my severe surgical phobia (and dentist-putting-sharp-whirring-things-in-my-mouth phobia, though I don't know what the proper term for that is).

Thanks to poeTV, I am now completely fucking terrified. Thanks, shitheels.

Chibisuke - 2008-12-01
General Anathesia doesn't help me any. I'm more terrified of being made to fall asleep with drugs than of just being semiconcious and amnesiatic.

I could maybe do valium.

Ms. Vonscarlet - 2008-12-01
About a couple years ago I had a terrible infection in my left wisdom tooth. My dentist pulled the tooth only after giving me a shot of novocaine. Half my face was dead numb from the shot and I was conscious the whole time. I felt a moderate amount of pressure while my dentist was pulling the tooth out, but no pain. My tooth did break in half though while being extracted. The cracking, popping sound of that will haunt me forever. The worst parts were that my mouth would not stop bleeding for five hours, and when the novocaine wore off. I soaked through all the gauze that the dentist gave me (I then resorted to using paper towels after the gauze ran out). The pain was terrible, which was more from the infection itself rather than from the tooth being pulled. For several hours I kept pacing back and forth in my living room with loads of bloody gauze/paper towel in my mouth as I moaned in pain. 800 milligrams of Ibuprofin barely took the edge off. Poor StanleyPain tried to console me for the fist couple hours and then quietly went into his room and put his headphones on to listen to some music. I did not blame him.
Disaster - 2008-12-01
Welp, I know what I'm not doing on Tuesday.
eatenmyeyes - 2008-12-01
So glad I got the general. At least I think I did.
Syd Midnight - 2008-12-01
Evil enough
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